Hey mob !!!

Long time between chats I know !!! And what sparked this entry is four (4) weeks ago I saw a show and I found myself yet again talking about how amazing I thought it was, still, and so I felt I needed to write something about it.

It was show with a cast I have never seen before, various ages and experiences. I entered the theatre giving them a concession but realised that I need not do that at all.

I’m talking about Stompin’s Primary Stompers perform LOST / FOUND !!! The work was choreographed by the kickass Rikki Mace with the 13 performers and overseeing eye by Stompin’s incredible Artistic Director Caitlin Comerford.

I was amazed by the performance that this company of young dancers presented. I feel like I went in ready to watch 8 - 13 year olds and left questioning if that was really their ages. They performed together and separately, in duets, with props, they spoke text !!! This I know from personal experience is not something that everyone is able to pull off, they all spoke and all of them pulled it off. It was magical, they took me on a journey and showed me that Stompin is doing something really special. I know it’s not a new organisation but I had only experienced Stompin for the first time this year when I saw MIRROR MIRROR by Caitlin (she does a lot) and James Batchelor on the senior company members and was amazed. LOST / FOUND blew me away. I know you’re probably thinking yeah but it was kids show or I don’t write these things anyways so what do I know. Well what I know is when that show started I didn’t see young dancers, I saw performers, who told a story which made me laugh and find enjoyment. I saw the exciting and promising future for Stompin, for Tasmania, for dance and performing arts with the guidance that Caitlin, Rikki, and all involved with Stompin in Launceston are providing for these young developing artists.

Congratulations to Stompin and everyone involved, it’s really special because when I think to works that resonate in my mind even the day after having seen it, there aren’t too many, so to be resonating four (4) weeks later, you are all onto something magical and I hope I see the next one.

So that’s what’s on my mind :)

I hope everyone is as amazing as they know they are.

Until next time mob.