Thomas E.S. Kelly is a proud Bundjalung-Yugambeh, Wiradjuri and Ni-Vanuatu man. He studied at NAISDA Dance College and graduated in 2012. Thomas is an artist that works with multiple art forms which include choreography, dance, theatre, music composition, puppetry and teaching. In 2017 Thomas founded and became Artistic Director of Karul Projects and is currently a company member of the Tasdance Makers Company. Thomas' performance credits include;


                    Long Grass                           -                  Vicki Van Hout

                    Les Festivities Lubrufier            -                  Vicki Van Hout

                    Am I                                 -                  Shaun Parker & Company

                    Trolleys                             -                  Shaun Parker & Company

                    Dinosaur Zoo                         -                  ERTH Visual & Physical Inc.

                    1770: A Tale Not Often Told          -                  Founding Modern Australia

                    Accumulation                         -                  Chunky Move

Throttle - The Farm 


Thomas creates work that offers audiences an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal Australia and where that fits into to the modern world. Acknowledging the past, to understand the present, to better the future, knowledge is a source of power and it must be shared. Thomas choreographic credits include;


                    [MIS]CONCEIVE                        -                  Thomas E.S. Kelly

                    CO_EX_EN                             -                  Karul Projects

                    SSHIFTT                    -                  Karul Projects

                    SAND CIRCLE.                      -                  Karul Projects

                    VESSEL                               -                  Outer Urban Projects


Thomas won a Green Room Award for Outstanding Choreography by an Emerging Artist/Choreographer for his work [MIS]CONCEIVE.


Thomas is the 2018 recipient of The Dreaming Awards which is apart of the National Indigenous Arts Awards.










Photo Credits: Kate Holmes