This is exciting times ahead indeed and I know I don't get to share much with you all but here's a lil something :)

For the past 2 and a half weeks I have been creating my new work CO_EX_EN for Dirty Feet's OUT OF THE STUDIO program premiering this Friday 30th June. After rehearsals today I then held more rehearsals with my [MIS]CONCEIVE team for our upcoming tour to Canada in July and I couldn't help but notice how happy I was to have these awesome people be apart of my life and shows. Not only did my CXN crew finish but they stayed on to learn some of the "company" repertoire that is MCC.

Yes I did refer to this as "company", you know ambitions and life goals and all that :)

These awesome people who I am building this "company" around are also some of my team from my other show in development WOLLUMBIN // WARNING. I really do love the opportunity to tell my stories and have such a great crew beside me on each project wanting to be apart of these adventures we are having. 

So I thought I'd share this photo of my casts from two shows coming together and being the crazy monsters we all want to be. It is missing some key people from my projects but not to worry there is and will be plenty of photos of them in the future.

In the meantime keep an eye on the upcoming page for the projects that I having coming through the grapevine. 

Back - Jessica Holman, Taree Sansbury, Yukino McHugh, Natalie Pelarek.                           Front - Thomas E.S. Kelly, Libby Montilla. 

Back - Jessica Holman, Taree Sansbury, Yukino McHugh, Natalie Pelarek.                           Front - Thomas E.S. Kelly, Libby Montilla. 

Until next time, 


Thomas E.S. Kelly


Wombats, Kangaroos, an Echidna, Goanna and a clouded Super Moon.

All that mixed with some art making in a bush environment with no phone reception (but good wifi) that was my most recent adventure in a nutshell.

The Liverworks Artist Lab Residency ran by Sydney based Performance Space facilitated by their Commander in Chief Jeff Khan and co-facilitators Kee Hong Low and Claire Hicks. We were camped down in the bushland of South Coast NSW at the amazing Bundanon, Homestead campus for 10 days. They brought together 8 artists from various disciplines, backgrounds and geographical locations and in this time let us explore, experiment, discuss, play games and of course create art.

Being the dancer/choreographer type artist I began working on a new idea for a project. In that time I mind mapped, post it sticky noted it, improvised in both the studio and the bush, in which I came out at a very different place to where I entered. After a couple of days I then realised that I might have reached the end of this exploring on my own business and eventually moved onto planning for WOLLUMBIN / WARNING and the trajectory I wish to see it on. Having the advice from senior people in the industry proved to be hugely beneficial with where I want my works to go and how it is I may get there. One day about half way through the 10 days we were given a tour of the Boyd Homestead, home to artists Arthur and Yvonne Boyd, whose parents were artists and there kids are now artists and their kids kids are artists and there brothers and sisters and cousins are artists. Anyways seeing the paintings this man and his family had done inspired me to paint something of my own and so it begun (I am not a painter). It took me the remainder of the residency to complete so during this time I discovered that we had a video recorder, it looked really expensive, it was, around $4,000, so naturally I felt I needed to make a dance film of something because when am I going to play with a camera worth that much again. So I did. After filming, which included some of the other artists, I edited, composed an accompanying sound score and then screened it at a mock up "film festival" in the Barn studio for everyone to enjoy. They all had raving reviews (not because they were in it). So then at the end of the residencing with my completed painting and film it was time we left for home.

It was great to be there however I was artistically exhausted after 10 days making art, dance, writing, planning, filming, editing, composing, painting, ukulele-ing, discussing, participating, not to mention the running, red wine-ing, watching the US election, the animals, swimming, cooking, a lot of eating, kareoke, laughing, playing games and so so so much more.

So thank you to Performance Space, Jeff, Claire, Kee Hong and of course Skye, and to the other artists Natalie, Kenneth, Zoe, Sarah, Wenchi, Teta and Geumhyung, it was such a great adventure with you all and I still feel so inspired by it that I needed to write something down, this was it, and share it with the world and thank you to those who are reading this :)

Here is a picture of the painting and at the bottom is the film I created.


For now though I am back into the studio dancing on a new project, planning another and having a fun time while doing it :)

Until next time people.

Thomas E.S. Kelly

Yarnz #1

So I write this as many things are happening in our country, NAIDOC week comes to a close (this doesn't mean that you will stop Indigenous pride for the rest of the year). Finally our parliament has been settled, it's Malcolm Turnbull's Liberals for those who don't know (cue appropriate emotional response). And of course we along with Asia were the first to get PokemonGO (and nostalgia begins to flow in).


Every year I celebrate NAIDOC Week, I'm already very passionate about being an Aboriginal man of Bundjalung and Wiradjuri decent and express in many ways everyday of the year , whether through my art, clothing or even the flag tattooed on my inner forearm with my ancestry, my cultural compass. But what excites me with NAIDOC Week is that I see it as an opportunity for everyone to learn about the culture of the Australian land, it is a week where those who are unsure about where to begin learning can, by attending family days, sports days, marches, workshops, community gatherings and more. And then of course there is all the dressing up to make ourselves look pretty, beautiful, glamorous, handsome, on point, lit, deadly, across the country for each town and cities respected NAIDOC Balls, the national ball being hosted in Darwin, NT. Here we celebrated our achievements as a national collective of traditional custodians of Australia and I personally want to congratulate the winners from this years awards;

Caring for Country : The Manymak Energy Efficient Project

Youth of the Year : Elijah Douglas

Apprentice of the Year : Montana Ah-Won

Scholar of the Year : Layneisha Sgro

Sportsperson of the Year : Jade North

Artist of the Year : Geoffery Gurrumul Yunupingu

Elder Male of the Year : Dr Robert Francis Isaacs

Elder Female of the Year : Professor Mary Ann Bin Sallik

NAIDOC Person of the Year : Professor Chris Sarra

Lifetime Achievement Award : Stephen Page

Amazing people doing some awesome things to improve the world so again I congratulate you. I look forward to next years NAIDOC to be hosted by the Queensland city of Cairns.


Not that I'm much of a political enthusiast, but I think there's something to be said about the fact that we finally have a decision on our country's current leader and as mentioned above yes it is Malcom Turnbull. It was a close one and I hope that the tight squeeze to form majority in the house can help PM Turnbull to realise that he actually needs to care for the people that is Australia's population. For example the arts contribute 8% of Australia's GDP and have around 124,000 people employed in the arts yet you cut $60 million for the Australia Art's Council budget which resulted in 62 company's no longer being funded. I'm no maths expert but that small but powerful statement of figures is not at all the definition of job growth, where is the common sense, where is the caring for those people, where is the change? #istandwiththearts

Not to mention the lack of support for our refugee asylum seekers whose basic human rights are being violated and then there's the total lack of support for the LGBT community, love is love. Of course then there's the indigenous issues that needs addressing. Well Mr Prime Minister (assuming your deadly internet speed has allowed this page to load) I hope we see some change. 


Last item on the agenda is the crazy game PokemonGO !!!!!!!! (Exclamation marks were definitely needed). Many thoughts run through my head when I load up this game on my iPhone, I am going to be the best, I am going to catch them all, #teaminstinct, crap my data, oh well there's another's ratatat, yep I'm going to have to start carrying around a portable charger. Look in all fairness this game isn't good .... It amazing, who hasn't been enjoying the idea of Pokemon in the real world and for that I have to thank you to the powers that made this possible and I'd tip my hat to you if I indeed wore a hat. Added bonus is that fitness is the real winner here making walk 2/5/10 kilometres just to hatch an egg, but you know what, I'll bloody do it !!!!!


Anyways to wrap check out these awesome things; 


Bangarra Dance Theatre - Our Land Peole Stories



Well here I am in chilly Melbourne, post [MIS]CONCEIVE seasons at both NEXT WAVE Festival and PACT Theatre, working on a new project with Outer Urban Projects currently titled  'Northside Baby'. 

This is the first development and a one week blast and these guys are really smashing it out, interesting movers and natural story tellers. So make sure you keep your eyes and ears open cause when this project really kicks into ear its going to be something you don't want to miss.